Beautiful stories, boldly told.

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Pomeranian Books.

They say the days of Literary Fiction are done. ‘Those books don’t make commercial sense’. But we don’t believe it.

We believe that great writing is very much alive and kicking, and that there are readers who want to read stories well-told. Stories which are immersive, haunting, poignant, troubling, whimsical, humorous and packed full of the pathos of human experience.

We like honest, lucid, affecting, sometimes subtle sometimes surreal writing. From Chekhov to Raymond Carver, John McGahern, Annie Proulx, Don DeLillo, Elizabeth Strout, Anne Tyler, Anne Enright through to Sally Rooney - we love writing that’s naked and truthful. If you do too, then welcome home.

We are seeking high-calibre literature, and we mean to invest in our writers and coddle them. We offer the camaraderie of the craft, and discerning editorial development. Think of Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald and their working relationships with their editor Max Perkins. We want to work with authors to produce rich and subtle literature that speaks for the human experience.

Our focus is on awards; awards drive mainstream success for books that might otherwise not get found.

It’s about a good-hearted story, truthful telling and the beauty of the word.

Pomeranian Books is the publishing imprint of The Novelry. It’s a perfect circle. We train and develop writers to produce tales well told every day. So, we are ideally placed to discover and develop brilliant writing. We support and invest in budding authors as a publishing imprint, all the way through to awards listings and readers hearts.

Literary Fiction is not dead. Welcome to the renaissance.



At 20, 25, 30, we begin to realise that the possibilities of escape are getting fewer. We have jobs, children, partners, debts. This is the part of us to which literary fiction speaks.
— Mark Haddon. Author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Literary fiction - our view.

It’s the pure, original and essential form of the novel. A moral journey. The apogee of the liberal ideology - the possibility that a person can change. Literary fiction is characterised by its innate decency, evoked by close study of the inner workings of the human being, starting with self-doubt. It is there that change begins. Delusions are challenged by events. Blind spots are revealed to the reader. The reader goes on the journey to find out who we are, when push comes to shove.

Raise your game and write to a high standard with The Novelry.

We are an independent book publisher, driven by prose not profit.

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How it works…

We champion novelists who might be unlikely to bag commercial publishing contracts. We will publish a few great books every year, investing our time in working with you to develop the storyline, editing, proof-reading, cover art, marketing and publicity and publishing the book through major publishing channels and multiple platforms with distribution to book stores too. As your publisher we can submit to prestigious awards and prizes for which only published works are eligible.

You will receive an advance. We will only make the investment if we completely believe in you, and not just this book, but the next one too. We’re with you for the long haul. Relationships; a body of work.

Find out more and read the small print here.

Writers who have been trained by The Novelry will naturally be selected in preference, so if you want to brush up your manuscript and pre-qualify for consideration head over to The Novelry and take one of our courses or run your work through our Editing Course.

The Novelry is a thoughtfully structured course that provides excellent support for writers working on a novel. Louise’s advice comes from a place of experience and heart. She instils confidence in people. I have come further with this new manuscript in the past two months than I would have thought possible. It’s amazing.
— Alison Powell

Read what writers have to say about working with The Novelry and founder of Pomeranian Books Louise Dean here.

(P.S. Please don’t send your work to any publisher who asks you for payment in return for publishing it. This is known as ‘vanity publishing’ and these publishers will publish anything so long as you pay for it. You’d be better off self-publishing. Many of these ‘vanity publishers’ are disreputable and will ask you to sign contracts that won’t release you work. Aim high, aim to be paid for your hard work!)



Never send anyone the first draft of your work. As Hemingway said, the first draft of anything is shit. When you understand and accept this, you’re on your way to becoming an author. Send us the first three chapters and synopsis of your novel at second draft or beyond, and a cover note telling us why you are writing this book and a little bit about yourself.



Before you hit send…


There’s much more to revising your first draft that simply checking for spelling errors and typos. At second draft, you become the first reader, and you put your nose to the scent of the story. Make sure you’ve got the story straight, and learn structure and narrative logic for successful submission by taking The Big Edit with The Novelry here.

Meet the team.



Editorial Director. Louise manages the acquisition and commissioning of new publications, liaises with authors and controls the development towards the finished book, sales and rights. An internationally published novelist of literary and historical fiction, her books have been longlisted for The Booker Prize, The Guardian First Book Award, and the Dublin International Literary Prize. She won The Society of Authors Betty Trask Prize and Le Prince Maurice and her last work was chosen for The Oprah Book Club. Louise has been writing for over 20 years and develops the writing careers of over 100 novelists via The Novelry, securing agents for her writers.

From her experience managing happy outcomes for hundreds of writers, she knows she can pick a winner. (There are ‘signs’ that ring bells for Louise - a clear, simple idea, and a modest writer who thinks they’re not a good writer to name just two.)



Editor. Louise Tucker is an editor, lecturer and writer. Having worked full-time in publishing and academia, including stints at Bloomsbury, Granta, HarperCollins and Quarto, Cardiff University and the University of Maryland, she is now a freelance editor and part-time creative writing lecturer at Goldsmiths and London Metropolitan University. She has been a reader for the Costa Short Story Awards since its inception in 2012, helps people self-publish and writes at and Her first novel, which is currently on submission to agents, was longlisted for the Stockholm Writers' First Pages Prize and was the winner of the inaugural Agora Books Lost the Plot Prize for a novel in progress.



Production and Marketing. Janice puts prose into print and advises on marketing and promotion. A bachelor of Mathematical Engineering, Janice is a specialist software designer. She loves to transform an author’s precious work into an attractive physical product. She is experienced in many aspects of publishing, from formatting a manuscript for print to getting those all-important eyes on the work. Janice is the author of the Amazon best-selling title, Cracking the Website Code, and is now working on her first full-length novel with support from The Novelry . Janice loves realism – books that aren’t afraid to tell it how it is, where characters jump off the page and won’t leave your head for months afterwards.